Here are some frequently asked questions!
How does this service work?
Destiny Gurus pride ourselves in privacy and quickness. When you give us your info to either play with you or for you, we put it in a queue and only the assigning manager can see the information. When your turn comes up, we alert you via your preferred contact method and we go ahead and either get a code, or schedule a time to play. Once we are finished with either playing with you or for you, we discard the log in info, have it deleted off the booster's account and move on to the next order in queue. 
When will my order be completed?
Orders are usually completed within 24-72 hours, unless same day completion or priority is selected.
We will always give you the status of your order through live chat, which is always open. We move through orders as fast as possible, but if there is a back up, we will alert you and we will get to it when we can.
I'm nervous about giving my account info... How can I trust you?
We understand that this service can be a bit scary, because you are trusting us with your account info for your gaming. We pride ourselves in security and privacy and will NEVER share your account info with any other vendors or sell your information. We solely use your information to log into your account to complete your order and discard it right after. If you'd like a screenshot or video of your account info being deleted off the boosters account we can always accommodate to make you feel comfortable.
Payment Methods
- Credit / Debit Cards
- PayPal